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I must admit, I’ve really taken a shine to the simplicity that the Ghost blogging platform really brings to the table. It is a no frills, yet elegantly crafted tool to do just as it advertises. Plus, it was extremely easy to set up in Azure as a free site.

But why do I blog?

I’ve gone through several iterations of blogging with each trial serving a different purpose. The reason it has been such an ebb and flow in the past has to do with the underlying motive behind the blog. In the past, I’d blog on items that I thought others would find interesting. While that might be a good enough reason for others, ultimately, it led me to overthink my posts and took the enjoyment out of my writing.

After I listened to a Hanselminutes podcast featuring Jeff Atwood, I realized that blogging was really more for me and not the general populous. Let me explain that, as I don’t want you to think that the blog is a personal journal, however, it almost serves as a permanent notepad. I’ll give you an example which made me realize this just last month.

I was running into a technical issue and felt like I was beating my head against a wall attempting to solve this. Unfortunately, this went on for a couple of days before I decided to reach out to the search engines, as I didn’t necessarily want to be spoon fed the answer. Anyway, I typed in the search term that I thought appropriate and the first response was an old blog article I wrote, stepping a user through the exact same issue.

I had my blogging moment right then and realized that my blogging is really self-serving. While it may help others, I am not using it to build my “personal brand”, but to help serve as a reminder of things that have happened in the past.

Earlier in this post, I said was almost offended by term personal journal, however, the more and more I write, the more it does feel like journaling…which in turn reminds me of Doogie Howser, M.D.