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Dallas nonprofits in need of new web sites, web site upgrades, mobile apps or custom software development are encouraged to apply for Dallas GiveCamp 2013, a three-day event where charities receive technical expertise from more than 100 technology professionals who gather annually to donate their time and expertise. The application deadline is August 16th, and charities can apply online at

“Volunteers at Dallas GiveCamp use the skills that they’re best at to provide a high-level service to nonprofits,” said Shawn Weisfeld, camp lead for Dallas GiveCamp. “We are proud to help our charity partners upgrade their web presence and enable them to utilize current technology to more positively impact the communities they serve.”

At previous GiveCamps, software developers, designers, database administrators and project managers have delivered solutions that help charities improve their web presence and overall operations. These projects have ranged from creating new websites, to developing small data-collection applications to keep track of members, to developing an application that automatically emails reminders to volunteers.

“The only limitation is that the project should be scoped to be completed in a weekend,” Weisfeld said. “If a charity doesn’t know whether its idea can be completed in a weekend, give us as much information as possible in the application and we will help clarify the need.” The 2013 GiveCamp is planned for late October. The location and additional details will be provided in the coming weeks.