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What do you think of when you hear the term continuous feedback? In the development community, it is something we all strive for and understand its value. Even outside of the dev group, we all enjoy transparency and want to know if we’re doing a decent job or not. However, I recently came across the following quote:

“Developers love feedback loops—the faster the better.”

I thought this was an interesting quote, as I’ve never quite heard of a love relationship between a developer and communication. Maybe the context is simply the continuous feedback from the compiler or build machine and not necessarily that of the business?  While I think all developers understand the continuous feedback loop, as well as how closing the gap increases the value and productivity, I found the use of the term ‘love’ a bit shocking.

So I’m curious, while continuous feedback can be easily built in mechanically through the continuous integration build environments, how do developers really FEEL about continuous feedback from the product owner? While I am sure they like receiving pats on the back for when their product meets the desires of the business (and should be recognized for these wins), what about the other side of the coin – when something was missed by the team (this team also includes the product owner).

While I stress the fact we all understand the value it can add to the process, I simply question if people truly LOVE faster feedback loops.  I do, as I rather fail early and know that something is not aligned with the business’ expectations than pour out a lot of time and effort to achieve something that is off kilter. My gut feel is that while everyone might not love continuous feedback, it is something to strive for and people will learn the value of it (even the negative feedback) over time.