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After reading several articles about how Ghost is reclaiming the Blogging platform, I thought I’d give it a try. For ages, I’ve been a WordPress user and still use it for several sites, however, I agree with the reviews that WordPress is a full blown CMS and less of a blogging tool.

I’ve always considered myself a minimalist when it comes to the ways of the Web. However, as WordPress themes, plugins, and all the other bells and whistles became more and more prevelent, I noticed my mind drifted from the simplistic model I once held.

So when deciding to take Ghost for a test run, I didn’t want to struggle with an install. Not sure if it is age, or my expectations have just changed over time, however, I wanted something that I could just click a few buttons and magically my site would appear. This was a concern I had with Ghost, as I didn’t want to pay for a hosted site, but also didn’t want to fool around with a complex install.

Here is where Azure Web Sites came into play. With a few short clicks from my Azure dashboard, I was able to set up a site utilizing Ghost within minutes. Granted, most of this time was spent waiting for the spinner to actually complete. It literally was as easy as three simple steps.

1) Log into your Azure management dashboard.

2) Select New -> Compute -> Web Site -> From Gallery

Azure Web Site Gallery

3) Select Blog -> Ghost

Select Ghost Under the Blog Category

4) Enter your URL, a region which works best for you, and some information regarding your email service.

Enter Your Information

Once you’ve allocated your site within Azure, you’re all ready to run with Ghost!