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These days, most companies have some type of interest in delivering their software products in an Agile fashion. Granted, I am a huge proponent of Scrum and often times try to shepherd the teams to implement Scrum “by the book”…

With the various Lean terminology really making a strong wave in the community, I’d like to offer up a suggestion for overloading a term. MVP, in the Lean world, stands for the minimal viable product. In other words, the smallest subset of functionality which matters to the business.

As a consultant, it is very difficult for me to walk into a client and explain that they are paying a lot of money to the team to get a minimal amount of functionality. While the terminology and meaning behind this makes perfect sense, sometimes the presentation is what is important. What if we took this word and made it the most valuable product, representing the subset of functionality that the business deemed most important by prioritizing these items above all others?

To me, it just makes sense and presenting to the client that you are giving them the highest valued items as represented by their product owner seems much more reasonable than saying that you are going to deliver a minimum set of functionality.

Same premise, just different wording can go a long way in terms of how your customer perceives the offering.