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People always look at me crazy when I state that my goal with a client is to put myself out of the job.  Well, I came across a quote in a book I recently read and thought it was quite fitting:

A great Scrum Master should be putting himself or herself out of a job by teaching the team to identify and solve their own problems.

While others may focus on entrenching themselves and forming the illusion that they are irreplaceable, I take the complete opposite approach.  I consider myself a very transparent person and want to teach others as well as learn from others.  I am a big believe in knowledge sharing (bi-directional) and think that trying to make myself irreplaceable by keeping my cards close is not aligned with my personal goals and aspirations.

I do believe heavily in a self-organized team when it comes to Agile methodologies.  While this means a lot of different things to different people, to me it truly means that the team makes the decisions as a whole.  There is no longer the need for a task master, the team truly works together.  This is also one of the most difficult things to take place as people find comfort in hiding behind excuses.  For instance, isn’t it easy for a development team to blame the business analysts for incorrect requirements?  There is a level of comfort in some of the waterfall practices that needs to be diminished in order to get into a true team dynamic.