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While attending a presentation given by Udi Dahan the following quote appeared without context on one of his slides:

“Enables early risk mitigation using iterative processes centered around business priorities and stakeholder needs.”

When asked what methodology this describes, the overwhelming answer was Agile.  Of course, no presenter is going to provide you with the obvious answer, so a chuckle emerged across the room as the answer was RUP.

For those not familiar with the IBM Rational Unified Process, this would be considered as far from Agile as one could possibly get.  I wanted to verify the source, and did indeed find this in the official IBM RUP library.

Was interesting to consider such an essential component of the Agile methodology came from RUP.  Or is it?  Every methodology is designed to help achieve a higher business result and iterations can be widely defined.

The point of the meeting was not to criticize Agile, but to raise awareness that simply introducing a methodology without understanding why the methodology may work is a road destined for failure.

Don’t do standups if you don’t understand why you are doing a daily standup.  Don’t create a backlog if you really don’t understand the purpose behind the backlog.  Don’t go through the motions and hope to achieve the results advertised without being prepared for some major shifts in your team dynamics.