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Today marks day 1 of attempting to utilize a standing desk. I sit a lot for my job and while I do have a nice chair to help support this position, I was provided the opportunity at this latest client to try out a standing workspace.

What is nice about this particular desk is that it has an electric switch which can quickly raise or lower the desk to meet the needs of the user. So if I get too weary on my feet, as I fully expect on day 1, it can easily be lowered it into a normal seated position.

I’m hoping that during my stint at this client and utilizing the standing workstation, I will see some of the health benefits that come from a more active stance, in lieu of sitting for hours on end.

The one tough spot is that I have two laptops and only one external monitor. I’m thinking that looking down on my laptop display could definitely cause some ergonomic issues as compared to looking at a monitor that is adjusted to eye level. I most likely will need to ditch the laptop monitor and exclusively use an external mouse and keyboard.

I’ve been told that it takes a good solid 5 days to get adjusted to being on your feet all day and that the first couple days are fairly exhausting. With that in mind, I’ll try not to overdo it and instead, sit down when I feel the need and stand when I feel the need.

I’ll let you know how the trial goes.